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Custom Plastic Bottle Molds

The Bottle Info site offers custom container mold making capabilities. Our in-house Packaging Engineers and Sales Staff are available to answer your questions regarding production of custom plastic bottle molds. If you are looking for something unique or have a particular packaging requirement and would like to have a custom mold manufactured, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We also offer a useful collection of information pages related to plastic and glass material properties, recycling information, unit conversion tools and more.

2 oz PET French Square Bottles
2 oz PET French Squares
1.25 oz PVC Ovals
1.25 PVC Ovals
Tapered Oblongs
8 oz Tapered Polypro Oblongs
HDPE Powder Bottles
30 cc HDPE Powder Bottles
16 oz Clear PVC Cylinder Bottle
16 oz PVC Cylinder
White HDPE Chubby Oval Bottles
10.5 oz HDPE Chubby Ovals
16 oz Clear PET French Squares
16 oz PET French Squares
12 oz White HDPE Cosmetic Ovals
12 oz HDPE Cosmetic Ovals
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You will find in this section a wide selection of custom plastic bottle molds including PVC Straight Sided Oval Bottles, cylinder bottles, sprayer bottles, HDPE powder bottles and more. Click on plastic bottles above for product specifications and feel free to contact us if you are interested in a special price quote or obtaining samples of any of our plastic bottles.

*Note: Always be sure to test your products with the material/container chosen. Any information presented is for reference only, be sure to verify and test.