Characteristics of Polymethylpentene (PMP) Plastic

Clarity Transparent Impact Resistant Fair to Good
Moisture Barrier Excellent Heat Resistance Good to Excellent
Oxygen Barrier Fair Cold Resistance Good
Acid Resistance Excellent Sunlight Resistance Poor
Grease & Oil Resistance Good Specific Gravity 0.83
Maximum Utilization Temp. 356°F Tensile Strength 4,000 psi
Minimum Utilization Temp. -32°F Stiffness Rigid

Other Characteristics of PMP:
PMP is a polymer of 4-methylpentene-1, similar to PP, but has an isobutyl group on alternate C atoms. PMP has high transparency, rigidity and resistance to impact and the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 392°F for short periods (347°F continuously). Chemical resistance is comparable to PP but PMP tends to suffer from tension cracks when exposed to ketones or chlorinated solvents. The most important qualities of PMP are its excellent transparency and good mechanical properties. Over time is can be attacked by chlorinated solvents and is susceptible to attack by strong oxidizing agents.

Chemical Resistance:

Acids – Dilute Excellent
Acids – Concentrated Good-Excellent
Alcohols Excellent
Aldehydes Good
Bases Excellent
Esters Good
Ethers Low
Hydrocarbons, Aliphatic Low
Hydrocarbons, Aromatics Low
Hydrocarbons, Halogenated Poor
Ketones Low
Oils, Minerals Excellent
Oil, Vegetable Good

PMP for Laboratories:
PMP is conveniently autoclavable, able to be sterilized by gas, dry heat and chemical disinfectant. However, dry heat can reduce mechanical strength. PMP has relatively high heat resistance, making it an excellent choice for laboratory activities that involve use of liquids at higher temperatures. It can withstand acids and alcohols, allowing for a wide range of liquids to be used in conjunction with PMP. Due to its attack-resistant properties and less porous surface, PMP is easy to clean and is a great choice of labware.

Private PMP recycling facilities exist, check your local yellow pages. For more information regarding PMP recycling see the Plastic Container Recycling Page.

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*Note: Always be sure to test your products with the material/container chosen. Any information presented is for reference only, be sure to verify and test.