Helpful Recycling Tips

While recycling is a practice that is regulated by thousands of different companies and municipalities, there are several basic guidelines to successful recycling. Be sure to check with your local provider for a complete list of rules and regulations*.

recycle logo Recycling Basics:
  • • Be sure to rinse all plastic and glass containers prior to recycling.
  • • Remove all caps from all containers and discard.
  • • Sort Sort Sort! Many recyclables do not make it into recycling facilities simply because they were mixed with other mediums. Check with your local provider for what items need to be separated prior to pickup.
  • • Most facilities will only process clear, amber and green glass. Check with your local provider before adding blue or other colored glass to your recyclables.
  • • Do not leave items meant for recycling out in plastic bags; they will likely be rejected by your provider, or be refused at the facility.
  • • Certain plastics are either marked or fall under recycling code 7, or "other." Check with your provider to see if these items are recyclable in your area. Even if they are not, there may be facilities looking for these types of plastic, so they still may be recyclable.
  • • When dealing with containers that once held toxic and/or hazardous chemicals, please follow all state and federal rules for disposing of properly. These containers may not be recyclable.

Check out this EPA website for educational and fun interactive place to learn more about recycling!

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*This is not intended to substitute for your local recycling rule and regulations, for your area-specific information please consult your recycling provider

*Note: Always be sure to test your products with the material/container chosen. Any information presented is for reference only, be sure to verify and test.